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rule and regulation

* Moral and civil behavior shall be maintained by one all of the college family.
* Cases shall start at 7.45 a.m. Attendance is compulsory for every student.
* All students must come attired in the college uniform.
* Practices like ragging, copying in the examination, rowdy and unbecoming behavior in the class room are strictly prohibited.
* Destroying college property by any student will have to be adequately replaced by him/her.
* Participation in different college functions, Meetings and seminars is mandatory.
* Identity Card will be issued to each student. They are to carry their identity card while coming to the college. In case of loss of the identity card the student will have to inform the college authority immediately and obtain new identity card.
* Student must not leave the college campus during hours except during the tiffin break.
* Under Unavoidable circumstances, permission will be given to a student to leave the campus by the Principal or by the Coordinator.
* Monthly fees will have to be paid on or before 10th of every Month.
* Students are not allowed to bring Mobile phones to the college during working hours.


* The college uniform is prescribed as under,

a) Boys:
Pant : Grey
Shirt : White
Sweater : Grey

b) Girls Curdier –
Lower : Grey
Sweater : Grey
Upper : White